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SPIGO GROUP | Spigoline - Lamas de Madera
Versatility in ceiling and wall coverings.
Long durability indoors and outdoors
Adaptable to concave, convex and corrugated surfaces
Application in vertical, horizontal and even inclined positions
Create warm, natural and noble environments.
Optimal for large public spaces
Excellent sound absorption and reduction of reververation with the ACOUSTIC system


SPIGO GROUP | Soluciones en madera | Spigoline


Made by hands with more than 30 years of experience in the application of wood for technical coatings.
Wood occupies a place of honor among the warm materials used to cover ceilings and walls. Its warmth as a material makes it optimal for large spaces where a large number of people gather.

Below you can download the sheets of the different models

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  • Natural Ayous.
  • Ayous + Dyed in wood (Beech, Oak, Cherry, Maple, Wengué)
  • Ayous + Lacquer RAL/NCR.

Superior panel for Acoustic System: M.D.F. painted in black with ovoid/groove or circular holes.

Standard measurements
GRID System

  • Standard length of slats: 1500/3000 mm.

  • Standard length of slats: 2400 mm.
Installation accesories
GRID system:

  • Installation in ceilings: On T-15 structure, Grid System with U-shaped clamp iron.
  • Installation in walls: U-shaped clamp on rod, fixed to a wooden spacer.
  • ACOUSTIC system:
    • Installation in ceilings and walls with wooden spacer and fixing screw.
Installation machining
Imagen de spigoline
Areas of application
  • Concert Halls
  • Auditorium
  • Theatres
  • Conference Halls
  • Offices
  • Classrooms
  • Nurseries
  • Recording studio
  • Churches
  • Public buildings
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Universities
  • Shopping centres
  • Cultural centres
  • Cinemas
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Radio studio
  • TV studio
  • Libraries

Projects spigoline

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Sagasta High School

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New EFEBÉ offices

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Caja Rural de Navarra

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Patrocinio Winery

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San Nicolás Gastronomic Society

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Medical Association of Alava

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Questions frequent

What are wooden slats?

The wooden slats used in interior design and decoration are solid wood slats placed in parallel, specially designed and manufactured to achieve modern and elegant visual results and, at the same time, guarantee a fast, comfortable, and safe assembly.

They are used as interior cladding for walls and ceilings in homes, offices, business headquarters and all types of buildings.

They usually have an aesthetic and decorative function, although many models in the Spigoline range from Spigogroup can also offer acoustic absorption features, to ensure good acoustic comfort in the installation room.

How to install wooden slats?

The panels of the Spigoline range are delivered fully assembled, so that the alignment of the wooden slats is guaranteed. The assembly system also provides solutions to ensure that the panels fit together. In this way, the Spigoline range allows a quick and safe installation on ceilings and walls, which guarantees that the result will preserve the desired visual rhythm in the spacing and parallelism of the wooden slats.

The Spigoline Grid System consists of panels of solid wood slats, with square or rectangular sections, placed parallel to each other, joined by means of black wooden rods 12 mm in diameter. This system allows it to be installed on walls with fast and efficient anchoring, based on the placement of the panels through clamps screwed onto wooden battens. In false ceilings, it is installed with an anchoring system based on the placement of the grids through a structure of T-15 profile bars and fastening clips that serve as hooks. The Spigoline Grid System can be accompanied by sound-absorbing material to incorporate acoustic absorption.

The Spigoline Acoustic System consists of a plywood board, with oblong or circular perforations, with solid wood slats of square or rectangular sections, placed parallel to each other. For installation, both on walls and ceilings, the panels are fastened to wooden battens with lag screws. Like Spigoline Grid, the Spigoline Acoustic system can be accompanied by sound absorbing material to incorporate controlled acoustic absorption.

There are other variants of the Spigoline system, and in some cases, we can offer bespoke solutions – feel free to consult us with your requirements to find out what we can do for you.

What are the advantages of wooden slats?

The main advantage of wooden slats is that they can transform the perception that a user has of a space. Opting for the installation of wooden slats in a project brings verticality, order, serenity, and seriousness, conveying the feeling of being in a place where balance and harmony prevail. For this reason, they are increasingly used in hotels, offices, business headquarters and professional offices.

The solid wood we use in our Spigoline range comes from sustainable sources and can be PEFC and FSC certified, being materials that can help in a sustainable project, or that will be LEED or BREEAM certified. Our products are certified for low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, so they help you to enjoy good air quality and a healthy environment.

Finally, solid wood offers warmth and harmony with nature, and creates a greater sense of closeness between people working in an office, with clients or with collaborators who visit them.

What wood are they made of?

In the panels of the Spigoline range, the decorative wooden slats are made of solid ayous wood. This wood, originally from the western forests of central Africa, has as its main characteristic its low density (390 kg per cbm). This makes it very light and ideal for use in false ceilings and wooden ceilings. In addition, its machining is very simple, it does not splinter and is very easy to handle during installation, which guarantees perfect and long-lasting final assembly results.

Ayous wood has an original yellowish white colour that allows, by means of staining, to achieve the hue that any decoration and interior design project demands. The Spigoline wood slats catalogue offers natural ayous finishes; oak, beech, maple, cherry, wenge stained ayous; or matt lacquered ayous in the solid RAL/NCR colour of your choice. In some cases, we can also manufacture with other wood species, such as pine, oak, or beech: consult us if your project requires it.

All the wooden slats manufactured by Spigoline come from regulated and sustainable plantations that guarantee an environmentally friendly origin. They can be supplied PEFC or FSC certified according to your needs.

In what format are the wooden slats sold?

Our wooden slat panels, which are delivered fully assembled, can be of different widths and lengths, which combine with different options in terms of number of slats per grill, slat width, slat height or slat spacing. The technical data sheets of each product contain precise information on the dimensions, depending on the model.

The Spigoline Grid system offers us panels of 1,500 or 3,000 mm long and 340, 350 or 360 mm wide, as shown in the technical data sheet of each model. We can choose between 4, 5, 6 or 8 slats per grid, slats of 15 or 30 mm wide, 35 or 70 mm high and a separation between slats of 30 or 55 mm.

The Spigoline Acoustic system offers panels 2,400 mm long and 600 mm wide, and allows us to choose between 4 or 8 slats per grid, slats 20 mm wide, 50 or 90 mm high and a separation between slats of 55 or 130 mm.

As for fire reaction, in all cases we can choose between a treatment with fireproof varnish with classification B-s2, d0 according to UNE-EN 1350-1:02, or a treatment of spraying and immersion in autoclave for the fireproofing of the ayous wood itself with classification B-s1, d0, with subsequent application of fireproof varnish B-s2, d0.

Finally, we have options for the installation of our Spigoline panels outdoors or in high humidity environments. Do not hesitate to contact us if your project has special needs.

Is it possible to choose the dimensions of the slats to measure?

Yes, since we manufacture to order, it is often possible to manufacture Spigoline panels with wooden slats in custom dimensions and spacing, or even in wood species of your choice. The maximum slat dimensions for our Spigoline Grid panels are 120×30 mm. However, if you choose a product from our standard Spigoline catalogue, you will have the advantage of very short production times, between 3 and 8 weeks for most orders. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a project that requires special slat sizes.

How can I integrate lighting into Spigoline wooden slat systems?

There are several options for integrating luminaires into Spigoline product installations. The simplest, in false ceiling installations, is to use Spigoline Grid panels with sufficient spacing for the luminaires to fit between the slats, and to use separate suspensions for the luminaires – avoiding placing the weight of the luminaires on the profile grid bar system. Do not hesitate to contact us for other options.

Is it possible to access installations in the floor slab with a Spigoline panel ceiling?

The Spigoline Grid range consists of panels that are very light and easy to dismantle. Two people can dismantle and reassemble a Spigoline Grid panel in just a few minutes, allowing relatively easy access to any ceiling slab installations (electrical, HVAC, piping…).

If your project requires very frequent access to the slab (such as access trap doors), do not hesitate to consult us for other options.

Can I integrate air conditioning outlets with Spigoline?

The solid wood products in the Spigoline Grid range have a large open area, usually more than 50%. In some cases, it is possible to place ventilation or air conditioning outlets above our panels. We are available to advise you with this or any other question.


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