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Falso techo desmontable

Removable false ceilings can also be used for acoustic conditioning in offices and workplaces. While the chessboard outline of accessible ceilings is a common sight, the truth is that removable ceilings offer the same benefits to office and meeting room acoustics.

In practice the only drawback of a removable false ceiling compared to accessible ceilings is that the latter allow quick, direct access to any part of the wood ceiling, while removable ceilings require removing part of the false ceiling to reach the exact place where we wish to work.

In exchange, false ceilings made with removable ceilings show a continuous surface, free of the grid of accessible ceilings; something highly valued from an aesthetic point of view.

With respect to acoustics, these false ceilings consist of micro-perforated acoustic panels that absorb the sound and correct acoustic issues such as reverberation. Depending on the severity of the problem we will use panels with greater or lesser sound absorption capacity. The Spigoacustic acoustic panel catalogue offers about 30 options with different degrees of absorption. Each model can be chosen with the finish that you like most for your project.





a única carencia del falso techo desmontable frente a los falsos techos registrablesRespecto a la acústica, los estos techos desmontables están formados por paneles acústicos microperforadosRespecto a la acústica, los estos techos desmontables están formados por paneles acústicos microperforados

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