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The holiday season. In our professional routine, it will mean little more than some slight disruptions: a short holiday to enjoy the festivities, setting aside the manufacturing process of less urgent orders of acoustic panels and wood ceilings and the usual vortex in the Spigogroup marketing department, although now devoted to end-of-year mailings and advertising designs with winter and well-wishing references. Nothing problematic or harmful. On 8 January, everything will be the same as before.

We will return with our acoustic conditioning projects, with our designs of wood ceilings for large auditoriums, with cladding proposals employing wood slats to beautify rooms and dining rooms, with the tasks of equipping sports facilities with our phenolic sports furniture, with the technical studies of our fire doors and acoustic doors... Yes, on January 8 everything will return to normal.

At a personal level, it will be different. The holiday season is the time to look back and review how the year has gone. It is a time when, protected by the joy of the parties, family warmth and sweet desserts, we can renew our hopes. Becoming children again for a few days, we remove the armour and protective barriers that, as adults, we use the rest of the year and we devote ourselves to our loved ones with the most sincere of our smiles. It's time to set the counter back to zero, to start over and to be better.


The Spigogroup Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018


FELIZ NAVIDAD 2017 The Spigogroup Team wishes you a Merry Christmas


FELIZ NAVIDAD 2017 2 The Spigogroup Team wishes you a Merry Christmas


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