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Decoración de restaurantes 02The right restaurant décor is essential to create a memorable experience, the goal that any hospitality establishment must pursue if it wants to acquire patrons and recommendations. Visual elements, such as colours, lighting and design, contribute to a welcoming ambience that influences the perception of the food. A thoughtful décor can reflect the identity of the place, stimulate the senses and promote customer satisfaction.

These are the three mistakes you can't make in your restaurant décor projects in 2024:


Not using wood

No matter what style you choose for your project, wood is a must. It offers elegance, distinction and warmth in any space and brings a sense of connection with nature, creating a welcoming atmosphere. You can opt for walls and/or ceilings covered with wood cladding in tiles or wood slats, or simply include some small details in particular spots.


Forgetting acoustics

As pointed out in this article by the architect and member of the Rioja Academy of Gastronomy, Jesús Marino: acoustics “facilitates the ultimate goal of restaurant choice: enjoying a pleasant place, a pleasant meal, pleasant company…, with pleasant acoustics, because we can listen to each other without having to raise our voices.”

Acoustic conditioning of the premises with wood acoustic panels ensures the acoustic comfort that any good restaurant requires.


Selecting the wrong suppliers

A restaurant loses money every day it is closed. Trust only suppliers, such as Spigogroup, that allow you to meet the deadlines of your renovation or decoration project.





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