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cabinas sanitarias para aseos 01

Sanitary cubicles for toilets, changing rooms and showers are characterised by the material used in their manufacture, perfect for compliance with the main cleaning and disinfection protocols, phenolic panel, a material formed by a core of resins with thermosetting, high-density cellulose fibres. Over this compact core, different materials of various finishes are used. These include laminates, wood panes, etc.

From the point of view of cleaning and disinfection, the great advantage of sanitary cubicles made of phenolic panel is their resistance. They are highly resistant to humidity, heat and cleaning products, disinfectants and antiseptics and to the development of mould and bacteria. In addition, its non-porous surface repels dirt and facilitates cleaning and maintenance. For everyday use, they are also highly resistant to wear, impact and scratching, and offer improved performance against fire.

For all these reasons, such sanitary cubicles are perfect for medical centres, surgeries, hospitals, as well as public buildings, schools and sports facilities.

The catalogue of Spigocompac, the division of Spigogroup devoted to the manufacture of lockers and phenolic cabins, has 5 models (single, double, triple, special sliding-door and special with adapted door for disabled people) and can be chosen in black, white, light grey, dark grey, red, yellow, blue or green. In any case, at Spigogroup we are manufacturers, so we can take on projects with bespoke design, modulation and colours.


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