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School lockers are an item that has become increasingly important in our country over the years. We used to see them in schools and colleges in American films. In Spain there were only a few schools that had lockers. We're talking about those old metal lockers, even wood ones. But now, we can discover them in all types of kindergartens, schools, colleges, academies and universities.

The growth in the demand for and use of school lockers makes sense. Students have been increasing the amount of books and school materials they carry on their backs. In some cases they can weigh as much as 30 per cent of the student’s body weight, when it should never exceed 10 or 15 per cent. The result is that, according to school experts and health authorities, 50 per cent of children under 15 and 70 per cent of girls suffer from back pain because of this.

On the other hand, technological developments mean that students of increasingly younger ages are coming to schools with mobile phones, tablets and other very fragile and expensive devices. In addition, in many cases, students are not allowed to take these devices into the classroom.

Finally, the safety rules of the post-COVID-19 era emphasize the need to keep personal items out of the hands of others.

Without a doubt, today it is essential that schools have a place, such as school lockers, where students can store their belongings during the school day.







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