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228 Mobiliario deportivo escolar school sports furniture mobilier sportif scolaire

Ultra-resistant school sports furniture is not the whim of those who want the best material for their school but a need that everyone can meet today.

Furniture in schools has always been particularly hard and resistant. Chairs and desks are the best example of furniture tortured on a daily basis by boys and girls who, on many occasions, passed the course and changed classrooms, leaving their place to a substitute with new strength and ideas to test the hardness of the assigned piece of furniture.

Later, when schools were fitted with sports facilities with changing rooms, the history of abuse was repeated again with cubicle doors, benches and lockers. The materials gradually changed and wood gave way to metal, perhaps somewhat more resistant but, in the long run, also easy to deteriorate from humidity and daily use, and also more dangerous from the point of view of accidents.

But then came the most resistant material of all, phenolic panel, and we began to see school sports furniture made with phenolic panel. Phenolic lockers, phenolic cabins, phenolic benches came to stay, and today they are the key elements in changing rooms and toilet areas in schools around the world. Its non-porous surface is easy to clean and its particular resistance to humidity, wear and impact make phenolic furniture the perfect choice for school sports furniture.

If you want to know more about phenolic school sports furniture, make sure to visit the website of Spigocompac, the Spigogroup division which manufactures phenolic furniture.



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