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In decorative acoustics, smooth wood panels and cladding refer to surfaces that do not have square, grooved/oblong, circular or micro-perforated holes, typical of sound-absorbent panels or wood acoustic panels.

Although they offer a minimum capacity to absorb sound, smooth wood panels and cladding do play a balancing role within a comprehensive acoustic conditioning project. Sometimes, from an acoustic point of view, it is not necessary to cover the entire walls or ceiling of a room with acoustic panels. However, the aesthetics of the project may require us to complete the interior cladding with the same type of wood and finish, and we can do this with the smooth versions of the chosen cladding. At other times, we simply do not look for acoustic improvement, only an aesthetic solution, and it is sufficient to go for the smooth models of the chosen wood panelling.

Spigogroup has two smooth wood panel options:


  • The Spigoacustic Liso model comes with finishes in melamine, natural wood, RAL/NSC or HPL lacquer, on standard, water-repellent and fire-resistant MDF cores, in 1200 x 300 and 2400 x 300 mm sizes It can be installed with T-15 hidden profile systems, T15 or T24 semi-visible profiles, T24 hidden profiles with fixing clip, Omega system + clip, wood strip + clip and wood strip without clip.

  • The Spigotec Liso model offers the same finish and core options, in 600 x 600, 1200 x 600, 1200 x 300, 2400 x 300 and 2400 x 600 mm sizes, and installation systems with exposed profile, T-24 hidden profile, T-15 fineline profile, T-15 semi-open profile and T-24 or dovetailed.



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