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220 soluciones para acondicionamiento acústico solutions for acoustic conditioning solutions pour le conditionnement acoustiqueOne of our objectives this year was the renewal of the catalogues of the different Spigogroup families (Spigotec, Spigoacustic, Spigoline, Spigocompac, Spigodoor). The previous ones were fine, they were well-liked and did their job well, keeping architects, engineers and decorators informed about the whole range of solutions for acoustic conditioning, technical doors, sports furniture, wood slats, acoustic paintings, etc. that are offered by our various divisions (Spigotec, Spigoacustic, Spigoline, Spigocompac, Spigodoor). But, just like a soldier who retires after a thousand battles, it is time to withdraw them and give way to the new generation of Spigogroup catalogues.

We have completely renovated the catalogues of our top five divisions (Spigotec, Spigoacustic, Spigoline, Spigocompac, Spigodoor). Now, they are more attractive from a graphic point of view and more user-friendly, with better structured information. In addition, they include much more technical information. In these new catalogues you will find all the details that professionals require of all our products: models, materials, finishes, dimensions, characteristics, conditions and assembly instructions, complements, areas of application, certificates, etc.

The printing press is at full capacity, printing thousands of copies of the new Spigogroup catalogues, which our clients, influentials and friends will soon be able to enjoy. Would you like us to send them to you as soon as they are ready? CONTACT US AND MAKE YOUR RESERVATION

Meanwhile you can consult the online versions of our catalogues with solutions for acoustic conditioning, technical doors, sports furniture and much more on our website


Download SPIGOTEC wood ceilings and panelling catalogue

Download SPIGOACUSTIC acoustic panels catalogue

Download SPIGOLINE wood slats cladding catalogue

Download SPIGOCOMPAC sport furniture catalogue

Download SPIGODOOR Wood technical doors catalogue



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