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Phenolic lockers have are prevalent in locker rooms and public areas in offices, factories and service buildings from around the world.

That is how it is. Service buildings which attract groups of people on a daily basis who make temporary use of facilities (sports buildings, schools, transport stations, employees in companies...) have been fitted in recent years with phenolic lockers. The need for individual spaces for storing personal belongings under lock and key, adds the requirement that these spaces be extremely hard and resistant. Phenolic lockers meet these two requirements. They are also particularly resistant to moisture and that is why are so often used in and recommended for sports facilities such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, sports centres, etc...

Spigocompac is the Spigogroup division which manufactures and installs phenolic booths and phenolic lockers.

Spigocompac phenolic lockers are made with phenolic panel or compact phenolic board which is highly resistant, with anti-bacterial properties and a non-porous surface that repels dirt and is particularly resistant to scratching and wear and it is also suitable for damp areas. Spigocompac phenolic lockers have an optimal ventilation system for each compartment with a 3 mm perforated rear panel and stainless steel hinges. In addition you can choose different colours and two types of lock: slider or coin-operated.

Spigocompac offers 5 models of phenolic lockers (S1-S2-S3-S4-S5-SJ) depending on the number and model of doors. These phenolic lockers models come in standard sizes (1,800 mm high, 300/400 mm wide and 500 mm deep) and can be arranged in sets of phenolic lockers depending on needs and space available for each project. Since we are manufacturers, we can make modifications or made-to-measure lockers if required.


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