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Bespoke doors for Gonzalo Sánchez Casa Notarías offices

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Today we bring you a project of bespoke doors and other wood fittings for the renovation of Notarías Gonzalo Sánchez Casa, in Logroño. Last year, the engineering and architecture firm Aitec Proyectos gave us the opportunity to partner with them in the refurbishment of the offices of this well-known notary public’s office in La Rioja. The project sought to optimize the use of natural light in the facilities and its design sought to maintain the elegance, serenity and sobriety of the office, but with a modern look. To achieve the latter, varnished walnut was chosen, a noble and elegant material that conveys a sense of seriousness and the conservative image of a notary’s office, all within a fresh and modern design. Often, in order to successfully carry out decoration and interior design projects with personality, it is necessary to custom design some elements and, on this occasion, it was necessary to do so. We design and manufacture custom Spigodoor flush doors and panelling for access to rooms and offices, as well as matching cabinets and panelling in offices. We also installed Spigotec brand smooth wood interior cladding. Being manufacturers, we were able to adapt the doors to the needs of the project, to undertake other challenges such as the design, manufacture and installation of a reception desk made with custom-made wood slats and a spectacular table for the boardroom, a unique piece for meetings and signing sessions designed with a tapered design. Images: Aitec Proyectos                 If you liked this post about bespoke doors, you may also be interested in:   - Anti-pinch doors for schools and kindergartens - 5 places in your office where to show your love of wood - Office acoustics and work performance - How to choose interior doors for schools: 2 projects    

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