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Technical ceilings for schools, universities and other educational institutions

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Technical ceilings for schools are undoubtedly the greatest exponent of the virtues of a technical ceiling. Schools are undoubtedly the places where the intelligibility of messages is most important. Teachers prepare their classes to be understood by the greatest number of students. And the students, in turn, try to pay the utmost attention (most of the time) to understand the ideas that they will later have to reproduce in papers and exams. That's why the comprehensive acoustics in a classroom must be perfect. The great value of technical ceilings for schools, universities and other educational institutions rests in the acoustics. The acoustic tiles that comprise a technical ceiling allow for the necessary acoustic absorption to correct reverberation and perform other acoustic conditioning actions in the classroom. This means that the words spoken by a teacher or speaker are sharper and cleaner in the students' ears, avoiding confusion in absorbing information and the ensuing waste of time produced by the need to repeat the information. In addition, technical ceilings for schools offer the advantages of accessible ceilings: they help keep electrical and communications cabling systems out of sight and can easily accommodate loudspeakers, downlights, air conditioning and safety sensors, ventilation grilles, projectors and screens, and all the other components that are necessary in a classroom. If you want to know more about Spigotec brand technical ceilings for schools, universities and other educational institutions and discover all the finishes offered by its catalogue, you can visit the following link:   DOWNLOAD CATALOG   . If you liked this post about technical ceilings for schools, you may also be interested in: . -What are technical ceilings? What are they for? - Office ceilings that improve the look and acoustics of a workplace - Decorative ceilings made with wood slats at the new offices of EFEBÉ Group - Acoustic / soundproof doors for schools, hospitals, universities, public buildings, etc...
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