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We knock on wood with you hoping to enjoy a great 2023

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With the expression "knock on wood" we seek to attract good luck and keep bad luck away. By using it we evoke our longing for everything to go well, our wish that we all enjoy a great 2023. We have never all so completely agreed on something: we live in uncertainty, in fear of what might happen. We live perplexed. But it just seems incredible. We have not finished getting out of a pandemic scenario and we already have to face new and great challenges: the war in Ukraine and its threat of nuclear apocalypse, the problems in transport and supplies, the global climate crisis, the increase in the costs of energy and raw materials such as wood, the general increase in prices, etc. So there is nothing left but to knock on wood, enjoy its warm feel and that relaxed, intimate connection with nature it brings us and hope that the new year will surprise us with good news, the kind that help renew hope in the future and humanity. We are carpenters. We work with and touch wood every day. Surely this brings us luck and helps us in the year that we start. But we also want that luck for you. That is why we invite you to knock on wood and share with us our hope that everything goes well in 2023, that we have work and health, and that we can enjoy this Christmas, and the rest of the year, happily together with our loved ones. Merry Christmas. We knock on wood with you to enjoy a prosperous 2023.           If you liked this post you may also be interested in:   - Wood and health: 5 benefits of wood for your health - Spigogroup’s Spigoline brand A+ wood slat cladding - Workplace acoustics with flexible, multi-purpose spaces - The benefits of acoustic conditioning in hospitals        

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