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Acoustic conditioning of homes and the hearing impaired

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The acoustic conditioning of homes is an aspect that becomes particularly relevant when considering the needs of the hearing impaired. According to the EuroTrack 2023 Study on Hearing Loss and Hearing Aid Use in Spain, approximately 4.6 million Spanish people, or 10% of the population, suffer from hearing loss, deafness or other hearing impairments. These people face daily challenges in communicating and enjoying a quiet environment due to hearing sensitivity or hearing loss issues. It is therefore essential that homes are appropriately designed and equipped to provide them with an acoustically comfortable environment. Some of the best-known steps to be taken are the installation of adapted sound and communication systems that help to hear television, radio or group conversations within the home more clearly. It is also advisable to have light-based alarms and signals that provide visual warnings in case of an emergency, thereby offering an additional layer of safety and accessibility. But the main step that offers the best results is the use of materials and decorative components to control reverberation in different rooms, providing a clear and clean sound environment, free of echoes or annoying sound permanence. The use of carpets, curtains or soft furniture contribute to this goal but the ultimate choice is undoubtedly to include sound-absorbent wood acoustic panels on walls or ceilings in the most problematic rooms. An acoustic cladding of decorative wood panels or strips can ensure acoustic comfort and a significant improvement in the quality of life for people with hearing issues, while enhancing the design of a home and adding a touch of elegance and distinction.       If you liked this post about acoustic conditioning of homes, you may also be interested in:   - Installation of solid wood slat cladding using the GRID system - Wood ceilings for wineries: tradition and modernity in the great temples of wine - Why is wood one of the best materials for decorating and constructing buildings? - Definition of acoustic conditioning and soundproofing, what is the difference?        

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Trends in office decoration and design for 2024

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In 2024, trends in office decoration and design are going to reflect an evolution towards more flexible, sustainable and technologically advanced workplaces. Office spaces have been transformed to adapt to the changing needs of modern professionals, prioritizing productivity, comfort and creativity. These are some of the guidelines that will mark the design of workplaces in the coming months:   Hybrid spaces: Next year's projects will focus on multi-purpose uses and versatility. Teleworking prevailed during the pandemic and it has left its mark. New workplace formats have been created to combine work at home with days in the office and the greater use of meeting rooms..       Acoustics: Acoustics are more important than ever when it comes to improving the productivity of meetings, which will often combine in-person attendants and teleconferencing. Furthermore, the sound comfort offered by the use of acoustic panels protects the health of employees by reducing stress and improving communication among professionals.       Biophilic design and eco-friendly or recycled materials: Biophilic design seeks to incorporate nature into interior spaces. Interior cladding options, such as those in the Spigogroup catalogue, made with PEFC or FSC certified wood, which guarantees its origin from sustainably managed forests, or combined with insulating felts (PET system) made with 80% recycled polyester fibres, will be the materials most valued when considering new office decoration and design projects in the coming months.             If you liked this post about office decoration, you may also be interested in:   - 21 Articles on acoustic conditioning and insulation with wood - Ecological panels with SPIGOLINE PET slats: Solid slats or MDF slats? - Restaurant décor: the 3 mistakes you can’t make in 2024 - The importance of acoustics in coliving or cohousing    

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