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Cabins and lockers for secondary schools in the new Práxedes Mateo Sagasta school in Logroño

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Spigocompac is Spigogroup's line of cabins and lockers for schools, universities, gyms, hospitals and companies, and it was also chosen for the comprehensive refurbishment and renovation project of the Práxedes Mateo Sagasta Secondary School in Logroño. The products manufactured by Spigogroup under the Spigocompac brand are manufactured with phenolic board, a high pressure laminate consisting with several layers of kraft paper pressed at high temperatures to form a laminate, with a thickness of 12 mm in the case of Spigocompac. This is the material of choice when manufacturing sports furniture because of its particularly robust performance against daily use, scratches and impact, in facilities that, like this school, receive hundreds of people every day. It also offers antibacterial properties, is very easy to clean and maintain, and stands out for its resistance to moisture and fire. In the new Práxedes Mateo Sagasta school we designed and manufactured different components with phenolic panel. 6 mm phenolic compact cladding was installed on this occasion in white formica F-1040 and F-6930, some even combining both references, F-1040 on interior faces and F-6930 on exterior faces. We manufacture and install phenolic cabins with compact formica F7923, phenolic lockers with 19 and 16 mm white melamine with perforated backs and doors in compact F-6930 of 12 mm, engraved with a correlative number for identification. The result is the perfect combination of looks, usability and durability.             If you liked this post about lockers for secondary schools, you may also be interested in:     - 3 examples of interior wood cladding for health centres or hospitals - Spigogroup launches new wood slat cladding with PET felt insulation - Interior wood cladding at the new Práxedes Mateo Sagasta Secondary School in Logroño - Acoustic conditioning of classrooms: calculation of reverberation time and recommendations    

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Custom phenolic cabins, the solution to divide areas in sanitary spaces

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Custom phenolic cabins are the ideal solution for partitioning sanitary spaces without the need for building work. The Spigogroup Spigocompac sports furniture brand manufactures lockers, benches, worktops, coat racks, partitions and sanitary cubicles made of phenolic panel. As manufacturers we can go beyond the standard catalogue sizes and offer custom solutions suited to the requirements of any project. Phenolic or sanitary cabins, are useful and practice for making distance between lockers room and toilets. So the privacy of users is preserved. They are manufactured with Phenolic panels of 12 mm of thickness, are water-resistant, fire-resistant and antibacterial. High resistance against scratch wears impact, chemical products. Surface is non-porous, dirt does not adhere to it. Simple maintenance. Spigocompac offers 5 types of phenolic sanitary cubicles for showers, changing rooms and bathrooms: simple cabin, adapted and special door cabin, double cabin, tripe cabin and tripe cabin with sliding door. Combining the various phenolic cabins allows for the design of any changing room distribution in office and company premises or sports facilities. We can also custom manufacture, so the final project can be adapted to any space and dimension requirement, making the most of the available space and adjusting to any obstacle or irregularity in the room. Similarly, catalogue colours (red, grey, yellow, white, blue and green) can be replaced by any other if we manufacture the phenolic panel for the project to order. If you wish to send a query or request a quote, do not forget to take measurements and correctly calculate the square meters you need.           If you liked this post about custom phenolic cabins, you may also be interested in:   - In which cases do we manufacture made-to-measure wood doors? - Doors, wood panelling and phenolic cabins for La Atalaya toy library - Office lockers, what advantages do they offer? - Sanitary cubicles for toilets, changing rooms and showers and cleaning and disinfection protocols    

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Office lockers, what advantages do they offer?

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New trends and formats in workplace design have embraced and revalued the idea of office lockers. The idea behind their use is to have places to store and remove from sight papers, documents and work material used on a regular basis. This is the case of the open-space offices. This model proposes an office design with very flexible open spaces, which offer different areas for meetings or interaction according to the needs of each moment and totally replace the traditional private or individual workspaces. Here, office lockers play a key role as storage spaces. For example, it is common for workstations to be used by different people who cannot leave their papers and personal belongings strewn around when they go home. This is when lockers provide a convenient storage space. But even in more classically-structured offices, a clean desk guideline may well be in place, requiring the desk to be left completely clear at the end of each working day. This ensures document confidentiality while facilitating cleaning chores and improving the company's image. In all these cases, the phenolic lockers are one of the best available options. They are tough and resistant to impact, scratches and daily use by different people. They also have a low-porosity surface that is non-corrosive, anti-bacterial, easy to clean and disinfect, and they are resistant to fire and humidity. The Spigocompac catalogue offers different models with red, black, yellow, white, grey, green or blue finishes, but they can also be made to measure according to client requirements. If you liked this post about office lockers, you may also be interested in:   - Wood ceilings for bank offices: the case of Caja Rural de Navarra - Acoustic conditioning for videoconferencing rooms, is it necessary? - Sanitary cubicles for toilets, changing rooms and showers and cleaning and disinfection protocols - Decorating an office with wood: choosing shades and colours  

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Sanitary cubicles for toilets, changing rooms and showers and cleaning and disinfection protocols

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Sanitary cubicles for toilets, changing rooms and showers are characterised by the material used in their manufacture, perfect for compliance with the main cleaning and disinfection protocols, phenolic panel, a material formed by a core of resins with thermosetting, high-density cellulose fibres. Over this compact core, different materials of various finishes are used. These include laminates, wood panes, etc. From the point of view of cleaning and disinfection, the great advantage of sanitary cubicles made of phenolic panel is their resistance. They are highly resistant to humidity, heat and cleaning products, disinfectants and antiseptics and to the development of mould and bacteria. In addition, its non-porous surface repels dirt and facilitates cleaning and maintenance. For everyday use, they are also highly resistant to wear, impact and scratching, and offer improved performance against fire. For all these reasons, such sanitary cubicles are perfect for medical centres, surgeries, hospitals, as well as public buildings, schools and sports facilities. The catalogue of Spigocompac, the division of Spigogroup devoted to the manufacture of lockers and phenolic cabins, has 5 models (single, double, triple, special sliding-door and special with adapted door for disabled people) and can be chosen in black, white, light grey, dark grey, red, yellow, blue or green. In any case, at Spigogroup we are manufacturers, so we can take on projects with bespoke design, modulation and colours.   If you liked this post about sanitary cubicles for toilets, you may also be interested in:   - 6 properties of Spigocompac changing room furniture - Elements included in the standard kits for Spigodoor laminated HPL technical doors - Post Covid-19 Acoustics: masks, social distancing and acoustic conditioning - The role of phenolic cabins for companies in the new health and safety regulations

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