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Bespoke doors for Gonzalo Sánchez Casa Notarías offices

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Today we bring you a project of bespoke doors and other wood fittings for the renovation of Notarías Gonzalo Sánchez Casa, in Logroño. Last year, the engineering and architecture firm Aitec Proyectos gave us the opportunity to partner with them in the refurbishment of the offices of this well-known notary public’s office in La Rioja. The project sought to optimize the use of natural light in the facilities and its design sought to maintain the elegance, serenity and sobriety of the office, but with a modern look. To achieve the latter, varnished walnut was chosen, a noble and elegant material that conveys a sense of seriousness and the conservative image of a notary’s office, all within a fresh and modern design. Often, in order to successfully carry out decoration and interior design projects with personality, it is necessary to custom design some elements and, on this occasion, it was necessary to do so. We design and manufacture custom Spigodoor flush doors and panelling for access to rooms and offices, as well as matching cabinets and panelling in offices. We also installed Spigotec brand smooth wood interior cladding. Being manufacturers, we were able to adapt the doors to the needs of the project, to undertake other challenges such as the design, manufacture and installation of a reception desk made with custom-made wood slats and a spectacular table for the boardroom, a unique piece for meetings and signing sessions designed with a tapered design. Images: Aitec Proyectos                 If you liked this post about bespoke doors, you may also be interested in:   - Anti-pinch doors for schools and kindergartens - 5 places in your office where to show your love of wood - Office acoustics and work performance - How to choose interior doors for schools: 2 projects    

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Anti-pinch doors for schools and kindergartens

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Anti-pinch doors for schools and day care centres are doors that are specially designed to prevent this type of accidents so common among the youngest children. Anti-pinch doors for schools are completely normal doors but with one small difference: from the ground up to an approximate height of 110 cm, they have anti-finger trapping rubber strips on each side; the latch side and the hinge side. The anti-trapping system replaces the part of the doors where fingers get caught with rubber profiles which become deformed when a hand is trapped, thereby avoiding the pressure from the world. These special doors have been and continue to be the salvation for thousands of small children's fingers that otherwise would have been trapped, by almost completely eliminating the percentage of accidents caused by the interaction of children with doors. Apart from the rubber protection area, these special doors can have the same finish as any of the technical doors of the Spigodoor family. The most popular options include HPL laminate finishes (high pressure phenolic laminate veneers), maple, beech, cherry or oak veneers, or the possibility of lacquering the doors in any of the colours available in the PANTONE, RAL or NCS charts. You can also choose the doors with handing criteria. To define the hand of a door, an established rule in IRAM 11505 Part1 regulation is adopted, where the left hand opens with a counterclockwise rotation  movement and right hand opens  with clockwise rotation movement.       If you liked this post about anti-pinch doors for schools, you may also be interested in:   Sanitary cubicles for toilets, changing rooms and showers and cleaning and disinfection protocols Acoustics in schools and speech clarity How to choose interior doors for schools: 2 projects Do coloured lacquered technical doors exist? What are the possibilities?      

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4 Decorating trends for 2022

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The decorating trends for 2022 accommodate our post pandemic situation, in which we continue discovering domestic spaces and the value of interiors as a source of well-being, in the absence of external stimuli. These are the four general trends that experts believe will mark the main lines in decorating and interior design projects in the coming months.   Warm, serene minimalism: the search for relaxed, welcoming yet simple atmospheres, which convey the sensation of order and certainty that we do not find when watching the news. Wood, as a warm, noble and sincere material, perfect for a friendly, functional minimalism. Wood interior cladding for walls and ceilings and wood decorative panels for furniture and other items are featured.       Acoustic comfort: we have discovered the value of the interiors of our homes and workplaces, and we seek to maximise the well-being they produce. In this respect, acoustics and the need to have spaces of acoustic comfort, without echoes, that allow the maximum enjoyment of music and conversations, become important.             Inspiration in nature: the use of natural materials is revalued. Raw materials such as wood, ceramics and glass dominate the interior design projects and propositions.           Sustainable decoration: we can no longer avoid the ecological importance of the materials we use. For example, it is better to use PEFC or FSC certified wood, which guarantees that it comes from sustainably managed forests.         If you liked this post about decorating trends for 2022, you may also be interested in:   - Acoustic panels in hotels, what do they contribute? - Decorating an office with wood: choosing shades and colours - 5 places in your office where to show your love of wood - Wood and energy efficiency, why do they go so well together?  

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Project in wood and winery technical doors for Bodegas Piérola and Hotel FyA

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One of the most beautiful commissions of the year has been the project in wood and winery technical doors for Bodegas Piérola winery and Hotel FyA, in Navarrete, La Rioja. The recently opened FyA Winery-Hotel by Carlos Bujanda is a new model of winery and hotel that combines the production of high quality wines from the DOCa Rioja with wine tourism, sustainability and culture. The winery building has a unique, avant-garde aesthetic, which stands out for its modern architectural configuration. The chromatic range of its façade blends into the surroundings by using four easily-recognisable hues found in the surrounding landscape: the tile-brown of the clay-ferrous soils typical of Rioja Alta, the classic ochre of the clay-limestone soil of Rioja Alavesa and the more common dark brown of Rioja Oriental, together with the characteristic garnet-red of Rioja wines. The 4-star hotel offers 29 rooms with views of vineyards, as well as the usual amenities such as a gym, spa, cafeteria and a wonderful rooftop terrace with panoramic views. Our participation in the project included various areas: from the water-varnished oak wood decking installed on a metal structure, and the fitting of oak handrails and lacquered skirting boards, to the manufacture and assembly of technical doors of 210.00 x 82.50 cm with plain lacquered leaves, with 90 x 30 mm frames and 90 x 10 mm jambs. Our Spigocompac brand phenolic panel sports furniture was also used in the changing rooms, in dark grey.       If you liked this post about winery technical doors for bodegas, you may also be interested in:   - Do coloured lacquered technical doors exist? What are the possibilities? - Fitted acoustic panels. The case of Bodegas Barón de Ley - Wood slats, cladding and doors for wineries: the case of Zinio Bodegas Patrocinio - Interior design in wineries: the example of Bodegas Tobelos    

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