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Paneles de madera decorativos para oficinas

Decorative wood panels for offices: reviewing a coworking office in Paris

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Today we will review a new success story in the use of decorative wood panels for offices. Current office design faces two major challenges: the practical use of the facilities and the aesthetics it offers to visitors and the people who work there. In terms of visual appearance, office design always looks for warm elements, such as wood, that convey harmony and serenity. That is why the use of decorative wood slatted cladding, such as the ones in this project, is becoming more and more widespread. The following images correspond to a coworking office project in the centre of Paris, for which we were asked to manufacture two different models of wood cladding: Spigoplank 01 decorative wood panels in solid oak, used on the walls of some common areas such as the lift area. The model is very quick and easy to install, with a three-dimensional longitudinal surface in the form of 10-mm-thick wood slats and 10 mm spacing between slats. See technical shee Spigoline Grid 6-30-35-30 wood slat cladding in PSM R12354 stain, used in the ceilings of the main working areas. Fully assembled panel with 6 parallel solid ayous wood slats, each slat section 30x35 mm, spaced at 30 mm, joined with beech rods 12 mm diameter, panel open area 48,00 % or greater, panel mass per sqm 7,03 kg/m² or lower”. See technical sheet If you liked this post about decorative wood panels for offices, you may also be interested in: . - 21 Articles on acoustic conditioning and insulation with wood - Ecological panels with SPIGOLINE PET slats: Solid slats or MDF slats? - Restaurant décor: the 3 mistakes you can’t make in 2024 - The importance of acoustics in coliving or cohousing

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Spigoline es la marca de Spigogroup dedicada a la fabricación de revestimientos de listones de madera decorativos DEST

Spigoline Linear System decorative wood slats

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Spigoline is the Spigogroup brand of solid wood slat cladding or decorative wood slats. It features four different product systems: the GRID system, the SOLID system, the LINEAR system and the PET system. Today we will to get to know the Linear system a little better. Spigoline’s decorative wood laths system, called Linear System, consists of rectangular ayous wood slats placed in parallel and joined together at one end by means of a black painted ayous wood crossbeam, leaving the entire width of the slat free. The installation of the wood slats is similar both on ceilings and on walls: They are either mounted with T-15 profiles or screwed onto wood battens which are always perpendicular to the slats. The Linear System allows you to install wood slats both vertically and horizontally. This is precisely the first piece of information provided by the designation of each of the models, which begins with the letter H when they are placed horizontally (4 models) and V if they are placed vertically (18 models). In all designations, the slat width in millimetres and the slat spacing in millimetres (160) are given below. Thus, the H70-30 model has horizontal slats, with a width of 70 mm and a slat spacing of 30 mm. They are available in natural obeche wood, obeche wood with wood colour stain or obeche wood with RAL/NRC lacquer and can be surface treated with standard varnish or B-s1, d0 flame retardant varnish, or autoclave treated B-s1, d0 flame retardant treatment.     If you liked this post about decorative wood slats, you may also be interested in:   - Acoustic conditioning of homes and the hearing impaired - Performance of flame retardant wood panel cladding when exposed to fire - What are wood removable ceilings? - What are accessible wood ceilings?    

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Ecological panels with SPIGOLINE PET slats: Solid slats or MDF slats?

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This year, Spigogroup has launched its ecological panels with slats (solid wood slats) Spigoline PET, made of ayous and with high thermal and acoustic performance. In these few months we have gained the recognition of acoustics and decoration professionals but, what makes these panels particularly beautiful and elegant? The new SPIGOLINE PET is an acoustic panel with a modern and timeless design that combines solid natural obeche wood slats arranged in parallel with an eco-friendly insulating panel with high thermal and acoustic performance, made of 80% recycled polyester fibres, 100% recyclable and with a low carbon footprint. The key to its success, compared to other options on the market, is precisely the use of solid ayous wood, instead of other options with significant aesthetic differences based on MDF or chipboard. Furthermore, from a technical point of view, using wood slats or solid ayous wood laths offers the important advantage that the finished product is much lighter, weighing less than half the weight of panels with MDF laths finished in melamine, veneered or lacquered. In terms of aesthetic appeal, using solid ayous wood stained in our client’s preferred shade or using MDF or chipboard is decisive for the final appearance of the wall or ceiling on which we want to intervene. Spigoline PET solid wood has the same appearance on all sides of the lath: on the front and also on the sides. This is not the case with MDF or chipboard strips that leave the sides with the chipboard or fibreboard base exposed to view. These pictures clearly show the difference. The solid wood slat panels of ayous wood provide us with: uniformity on all three visible sides: front and sides. uniformity is perceived from any point of view. the ensemble offers order, elegance and decorative harmony. the light behaviour and colour nuances are the same on all three visible surfaces. it can also be stained in different wood shades or RAL/NCS colours. it can also be flame retardant. they are very light and easy to install. In any case, should a project require it, SPIGOLINE PET also offers the possibility of making it with laths on an MDF base support. And if you have any doubts, let us advise you. Tell us about your particular case by writing to         If you liked this post about ecological panels with slats, you may also be interested in:   - Installation of solid wood slat cladding using the GRID system - Wood ceilings for wineries: tradition and modernity in the great temples of wine - Why is wood one of the best materials for decorating and constructing buildings? - Definition of acoustic conditioning and soundproofing, what is the difference?    

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Installation of solid wood slat cladding using the GRID system

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Solid wood slat cladding is an elegant and versatile choice for any decorating project. Their natural beauty brings warmth and a high level of distinction to any space, while allowing for multiple design options. That is why they are so widely used in offices, professional practices, hotel receptions, shops, etc. However, another key to their success is the speed and ease of installation. One of the most widespread systems of installing wood slats is the GRID system employed by Spigoline, the solid wood slat cladding division of Spigogroup. Grid System consists of parallel solid wood slats and joined with wood rods. It can be installed both on walls and ceilings:     Ceiling Installation Anchoring system based on positioning of Spigoline grills through T15 profile structure and U clips which act as hooks. The assembly procedure is as follows: When it is installed on a ceiling, square or rectangular wood slats, are crossed by a tube that joins them together in parallel leaving a regular free space between each slat. Then, wood slats are fitted using a U-shaped locking clip that holds them to a T15 rail that has been previously mounted on the ceiling.       Wall Installation Fast and effective anchoring system based on positioning so Spigoline grills though U clips on wooden spacer. The assembly procedure is as follows: When a Grid System of wood slats is applied to walls, an Ω-shaped clamp is screwed onto a wood batten that has been previously fitted on the wall.       If you liked this post about solid wood slat cladding, you may also be interested in:   - Wood ceilings for wineries: tradition and modernity in the great temples of wine - Why is wood one of the best materials for decorating and constructing buildings? - Request a quotation for acoustic panels and wood panelling - Interior design of hotels: the importance of acoustics in hotel reception areas      

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