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El uso de lamas de madera en decoración 01The use of wood slats in decoration is widespread. More and more professionals incorporate them into their projects, and frequently asked questions arise that we try to solve every week in this blog. We leave you with 8 questions we are often asked about solid wood slat cladding used in decoration.


1.- Can a few wood slats on the ceiling really improve the look of a room?

Installing a decorative false ceiling with solid wood slats can radically transform the look of a room. Wood is a warm, elegant material and wood slats convey order and serenity. Incorporating wood slats to a decoratively wasted space, such as the ceiling of a room, aesthetically enhances it without sacrificing any other element.


2.- Lately you see a lot of wood slat cladding in schools, why?

Cladding with wood slats in schools is one of the most used resources when a decorative project wants to represent the prestige and quality of a school, university or business school. Sometimes, solid wood slats in natural wood finish is the chosen options. At other times, as we can see in these examples, chromatic finishes are chosen in accordance with the overall aesthetic proposal of the project.

The idea is to convey a sense of quality to students and visitors, so the wood slat cladding beautifies both classrooms and reception areas or common areas such as corridors, stairs, gyms and cafeterias.


El uso de lamas de madera en decoración 02


3.- Which kind of wood slat cladding improves the acoustics of a room?

Spigoline, the Spigogroup brand devoted to the manufacture of solid wood slat cladding, offers the Acoustic System models. This cladding, used in ceilings and walls, consists of superior acoustic panel with ovoid or circular holes and solid wood slats (square or rectangular section) positioned parallel to each other and perpendicular to this support. Both on walls and ceilings, it is installed by a assembly system of Spigoline grills through wooden spacer structure to the wall and their posterior positioning by means of nails.


4.- What are the standard sizes of solid wood slats used in decoration?

  • GRID System: The standard length of the slats in this system is 1,200 or 2,400 mm and they have a width of 20 mm and a height of 50 or 90 mm.
  • ACOUSTIC System: The standard length of the slats in this system is 1,200 or 2,400 mm and they have a width of 20 mm and a height of 50 or 90 mm.
  • LINEAL System: The standard length of the slats in this system is 1,500 or 3,000 mm and they have a width of 70 or 100 mm and a height of 15 mm.


El uso de lamas de madera en decoración 04


5.- Are there any solid wood slats with coloured finishes?

The simplest is the natural obeche wood finish. Then you can opt for obeche wood stained in beech, oak, cherry or wenge. And finally, we can choose wood slats in obeche wood in RAL white, orange, red or green colours. Moreover, as we are manufacturers, we can respond to any custom order in terms of dimensions, colours or finishes.


6.- What are the ideal environmental conditions during the installation of wood slats?

The conditions for installing wood slats (Spigoline solid obeche wood slats) is a key point to take into account before starting the installation. This way you can guarantee the safety, efficiency and durability of the chosen slat cladding, both on walls and on ceilings. Here is a recap:

  1. Installation shall be done only when the temperatura and humidity approximate to the interior conditions that will exits when the building is occupied.
  2. The heating and cooling system shall be operating before, during, and after installation, with the humidity of the interior spaces maintained between 25% and 55%.
  3. It is important that the site has adequate ventilation, especially in areas of high humidity.


El uso de lamas de madera en decoración 4



7.- Is there any type of wood slat cladding made of wood slats laid edge-to-edge and in parallel?

Spigoline has completed its catalogue of Linear system solutions with 18 new models of wood slat cladding. In these new Linear System models, the slats are joined together at one end by means of a black painted obeche wood crossbar, leaving the entire width of the slat free.


8.- Why does Spigogroup offer the best lead times for wood slats?

First: we are manufacturers of wood slat cladding. This allows us to nimbly adapt to the form, dimension, finish and deadline requirements of any project.

In addition, aware of how important it is to respond to orders as quickly as possible, our warehouses have a large stock of timber, grills, gratings, veils, rods, crosspieces and all the materials necessary to manufacture all of the 70 models of wood slat cladding offered in the Spigoline catalogue.


El uso de lamas de madera en decoración 5



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