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SPIGO GROUP Soluciones en madera - Línea plank Spigoplank


OUR MOST SOPHISTICATED AND SEDUCTIVE COLLECTION. BORN FROM TECHNOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE AND PASSION FOR DECORATION MULTIPLE OPTIONS ACCORDING TO APPLICATIONOPTIMAL ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCEFIREPROOF MDF AVAILABLEVERY VERSATILEIN FALSE CEILING AND WALLALL FINISHES spigoplank DECORATIVE PANELS IN WOOD A collection for true lovers of solid wood, where this noble material takes center stage, achieving a perfect hegemony between its warmth, volumetric shapes and three-dimensional surfaces capable of creating unique solutions with a reflective and diffuser effect that complement the overall conditioning of Spigo panels. Below you can download the sheets of the different models MOD-PLAIN See files MOD-01 See files MOD-02 See files MOD-03 See files MOD-04 See files MOD-05 See files MOD-06 See files MOD-07 See files MOD-08 See files SPIGOPLANK FEATURES Finishes Spigoplank decorative wooden panels will be manufactured as standard in AYOUS NATURAL, and can be applied: Ayous + Tinted to choose (Beech, Oak, Cherry, Maple, Wenge). Ayous + LacqueredRAL/NCR. Note: other solid wood finishes, consult. Standard measurements Standard length: 1500/3000 Note: other measurements of decorative wooden panels, consult depending on the project. Varnish and fireproofing treatments Installation WOODEN RASTREL + POINT The wooden batten system allows the panels to be placed using spikes nailed to the batten fixed to the wall. Previously check longitudinal and transverse leveling. The distribution of the battens will be parallel and in the opposite direction to the direction of the panels. The minimum recommended batten depth will be 30 mm. Other uses These decorative wooden panels allow their application, in addition to any surface such as walls or ceilings, in other types such as: Furniture coverings Coating of “cold” concrete-type areas. Headboards Separators Counters Doors etc. WOOD FALSE CEILINGS More information Acoustic panels More information Wood slats More information Technical doors More information Sport furniture More information TELL US WHAT DO YOU NEED TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROJECT We stand up to every challenge, more than 500 projects a year guarantee our success link PRESCRIPTION CATALOGUE FIEBDC / BC3 technical catalog, in PRESTO and PRESTO on-line format link DOCUMENTATION CENTER Catalogues, datasheets, and the tech documents you may need. link REQUEST YOUR BUDGET A detailed quote in less than 48 hours. link
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