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Talking of urinary partitions, or rather of phenolic urinary partitions, is hardly prosaic.Talking of urinary partitions, or rather of phenolic urinary partitions, is hardly prosaic. And of course, the likelihood of having a long list of questions concerning them is somewhat comical. But the truth is that more than one —unless they are a manufacturer or installer of phenolic urinary partitions - may have wondered between whistles what material urinal partitions are made of and why its use is so widespread. You can admit it that you are one of these people.

The answer is ‘phenolic panel.’ Phenolic urinary partitions are made of phenolic phenolic panel. More specifically, the phenolic urinary partitions made by Spigocompac are manufactured with 12 mm thick phenolic panel or compact phenolic board.

The benefits of this material are many. To start with, phenolic panel is water resistant, essential when used in urinals, showers and changing rooms. In addition, it is also fire resistant.

Another virtue is that its non-porous surface makes it easily washable and prevents bacteria build-up, helping optimum hygienic maintenance.

And, finally, phenolic panel is particularly resistant to scratches, impacts, corrosion and wear produced by the massive use of such facilities.

It is true that you always see the same colours —red, yellow, green, blue, grey, or white— but if you are a builder, architect or designer and need a particular finish or model, do not hesitate to contact us and we can study your individual case.


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