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We call wooden ceiling tiles those interior coverings made of wood and that allow, among others, the beautification of ceilings, the concealment of wiring or channeling and the control of the acoustics of a room.


Spigoacustic wood acoustic panels

Spigoacustic is the system made up of linear sound-absorbent panels or acoustic panels designed to offer an optimum acoustic performance. It offers almost 30 models with different degrees of acoustic absorption. In their face side they are made of an MDF support with a sound-absorbing veil thermo-adhered to its hidden side. At sight, they present combinations of channels with circular perforations and finishes in varnished natural wood, high-density veneers or lacquered.

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Spigotec wood false ceilings

Spigotec is the brand of wooden ceiling tiles designed for the installation of false wood ceilings. They serve to keep conduits, pipes and cables hidden, and are used in acoustic conditioning projects. You can choose from more than 40 different models.

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Spigoline wood slat cladding

Spigoline offers solid wood slat cladding for ceilings or walls, an option that is increasingly in demand due to its high aesthetic impact on any project. In this case, rather than plates, we are talking about grills of parallel wooden slats joined together. Its catalog includes 70 models, some with acoustic absorption capacity.

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Spigoplank decorative wood panels

Spigoplank offers solid wood panels for ceilings and walls, with volumetric shapes and highly decorative three-dimensional surfaces and with reflective and sound-diffusing capabilities.

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