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01 islas acústicas de madera wood acoustic islands îlots acoustiques en bois

Acoustic islands are formations of acoustic panels mounted on suspension systems and usually located on room ceilings. But, what is the reason behind installing wood acoustic islands? What advantages do they offer?

  1. The main reason for installing wood acoustic islands is that they help control reverberation in rooms. Reverberation is the permanence of sound beyond the time required to properly hear and understand a message. Explained in a more technical fashion, “reverberation time ” is the time it takes for the sound to decay by 60 dB as received stood the sound emission source stops. The use of acoustic islands makes it possible to improve the acoustics of a room by assuring the intelligibility of conversations held in it.
  2. They are very easy to install. Acoustic islands hang from the original ceiling either with cables or with fixed structures. They do not require complex work and they do not affect the original ceiling, so they have become the most flexible, quick and simple solution for acoustics problems. On walls, acoustic islands are actually called acoustic pictures and they are simply installed by hanging them, just like pictures.
  3. The unrivalled elegance and warmth offered by wood makes them the perfect solution for auditoriums, concert halls and common areas in offices and public buildings.
  4. Acoustic islands are made of acoustic panels that can be fireproof with the relevant fire certificates.
  5. Wide range of sizes and finishes. Acoustic islands offer all the possibilities in sizes and finishes offered by acoustic panels (See Spigotec and Spigoacustic catalogues). However, at Spigoart, the division of Spigogroup devoted to manufacturing acoustic pictures and acoustic islands, there is the possibility of ordering bespoke pieces in the specific sizes and shapes that a project may need. Also, if you prefer, panels can be screen printed with any image you wish.

05 islas acústicas de madera wood acoustic islands îlots acoustiques en bois


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