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La madera y el diseño de colegios: la nueva escuela infantil de Lezkairu 01Wood and school design come together to create unique educational spaces with welcoming environments that promote a feeling of well-being, both for students and teachers.

The choice of wood as a construction material in school architecture not only provides a beautiful and natural aesthetic, but also promotes an environment conducive to learning. According to a study carried out in 2016 by the University of Salford among more than 700 students from seven different Primary Schools in Blackpool, optimal classroom conditions (decoration, lighting, colours, etc.) can influence the teaching-learning process, improving school performance by up to 25%.

In addition, wood is a very versatile material and a renewable resource if managed properly. Using certified wood from sustainable sources, like Spigogroup does, is an environmentally responsible choice, as it reduces the carbon footprint of the building process.

For this reason, when the new Lezkairu nursery school was designed and built, they thought about the wood solutions that Spigogroup can provide for this type of project. We manufacture and install made-to-measure slatted pine frames and birch plywood door frame cladding, as well as window frames, sills and other trims. We also custom-make the doors, lacquered in white and equipped with magnetic locks, pivoting doors and phenolic cabins for the changing rooms. The result, as you can see, is spectacular.


La madera y el diseño de colegios: la nueva escuela infantil de Lezkairu 02







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