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02 revestimiento de techos de madera wood ceiling cladding revêtement de plafonds boisWood ceiling cladding can be your best ally in improving the acoustics of a project. In fact, wood is a material with excellent properties for sound absorption. In addition wood is natural and aesthetically very attractive. It is among the few materials that we normally use in construction that retain their original appearance. So, opting for wood ceiling cladding is always a sure bet.

There are two formats that stand out among wood ceiling cladding options which, additionally, are highly-efficient acoustic solutions, perfect when undertaking the acoustic conditioning of a space.

On the one hand, we have linear-style, wood micro-perforated acoustic panels, like those of the Spigoacustic brand. Visually, they create a continuous wood ceiling, although the surface is perforated to optimise its sound absorption capability. Depending on the type and density of the perforated surface, these acoustic tiles offer a greater or lesser degree of absorption. The Spigoacustic catalogue lets you choose from among 30 different models with this characteristic. In each of them, you can opt for different finishes in natural wood, melamine, through-dyed MDF, lacquer or HPL.

Another option is to clad your ceiling with solid wood slats. Aesthetically, it is a very attractive option. It provides design and a sense of serenity and order. And, in addition, you can opt for an acoustic range of wood slats Spigoline also offers different levels of sound absorption. In this case you can choose from among 8 acoustic models and different obeche wood finishes.





03 revestimiento de techos de madera wood ceiling cladding revêtement de plafonds bois.

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