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Wood ceilings, technical doors, the acoustic conditioning of spaces, fitted wardrobes, made-to-measure furniture, inner linings, acoustic panels,... wood projects in hotels are the most exciting commissions for a technical carpentry like Spigogroup. Hotels require effective technical solutions along with an impeccable look that will be enjoyed not only by the owners but also by guests, who should always feel at home. The challenge is always tempting and hard to turn down.

The needs that can be met by good wood projects are basically


- A pleasant design and a look which transmits comfort and warmth.

- An acoustic conditioning that ensures proper acoustics in shared areas and helps with the soundproofing of private areas and rooms.

- Fire safety and other contingencies.

- Durability and wear resistance, so necessary when there are many casual users, as in the case of hotels.


Here, regular actions in the hotel seek to achieve some of these goals and, in many cases, you get more than one. Below is a list of 20 jobs that a technical carpentry like Spigogroup can carry out in a hotel.


1. Façade cladding using phenolic boards

2. Installation of wall covering with wood slats to make reception or common areas look nicer

3. Construction of shelves and made-to-measure furniture for the reception area: key lockers, benches, counters, etc...

4. Lockers made of phenolic panel and portable toilets, also manufactured also with phenolic boards, in the employee areas, and in sports rooms in the hotel


To be continued...


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