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Wood decorative cladding is always a winning choice. It has the necessary strength to be the leading visual effect as an attractive element that stands out from the aesthetic line of a project. It can also make a crucial contribution to the story told by the decorative proposal of a space in a more discreet way.

Today we'll talk about this last case. According to its authors, The Sacred Auditorium in Malta was conceived to represent the journey of the sacred word to the faithful who absorb and internalize it. They chose blue shades that represent water, on walls and armchairs, and employed travertine for the lower walls surrounding the stalls. Travertine is a natural rock with holes formed by water as it passes through it. It is a result of nature and time, perfect to represent the openness of mind and heart of those who attend religious services in The Sacred Auditorium.

Spigogroup wood cladding also participated in this project. For aesthetics and acoustics, the entrance to the stalls, right in front of the stage, required wood decorative cladding in blue with sound absorbent properties. Spigoacustic model 42-16-16 acoustic panels lacquered in sapphire blue RAL 5003 were chosen. These were installed vertically by means of staples on wood strips.

The result was an area equipped with sound absorbent acoustic tiles tiles perfectly integrated in the stone proposal and blue colours of the project.

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