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Design acoustic ceilings made from wood in some architectural projects provide a perfect combination of aesthetics and technology.

From the large auditoriums and emblematic museums with which we have endowed and embellished our cities, to educational, cultural and health buildings that we use every day and the most disparate business and institutional offices: all unique buildings use design acoustic ceilings made of wood in some of their most elegant rooms.

Wood inner linings, wood slats in façades, wall covering,... The need to create beautiful and pleasant spaces is part of every architectural project, no matter how small it may be, but in the case of major projects, when the budget available is normally higher plus the fact that they will be used and enjoyed by a greater number of users, these are decisive factors when it comes to fitting the building with design acoustic ceilings made from wood.

In addition, the need for optimal acoustic conditioning requires the use of acoustic panels both in wood ceilings and in inner linings to avoid that reverberation which can be so annoying when trying to hear properly inside a room.

This acoustic material applied to wood ceilings in a room along with the need to offer the best designs and the most refined appearance have resulted in the appearance of design acoustic ceilings. Perhaps these are the heirs to those Rococo wood ceilings found in theatres in previous centuries, but with 21st century technology for the enjoyment and benefit of all.

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