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We have already returned to start the new year. 2020, the year in which, we are sure, wood designs will succeed, as in previous years.

With relaxed bodies, minds and spirits, and a smile on our faces after these days of rest, we have re-lit the signs on our façade. We have also restarted the machines that will be working away during the next 365 days, manufacturing acoustic panels, inner linings and wood slats to be used in the new projects that will opt for a wood-based design in 2020.

01 diseño en madera wood designs conception en bois

The screens, no longer dark, are once again displaying technical assembly and cutaway drawings, quotes and calendars, that are gradually filled in with the tasks to be completed. The phones are ringing again and, on the other side, voices consult us in different languages about technical data and deliveries or announce that we have successfully completed a new project.

Our Optimum Reverberation Time Online Calculator will continue to offer acoustic reports to those who are going to undertake the acoustic conditioning of a room. Our Quote Request Online Tool will continue to send requests to our mailboxes. And lorries will reappear at the docks of our warehouses in search of technical doors, wood ceilings, sports furniture and acoustic tiles to be delivered to sites across the country and beyond.

Yes, we have returned, and now, we will let you get back to work.



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