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Our Spigotec wood panelling and our acoustic panels that are hung as pictures have earned major recognition.

The eighth, 2014, edition of the annual awards of the NAN architecture and building magazine for the best building materials and best architectural plans highlighted our products as finalists in two of the categories in the section on materials.

The wood ceilings and wood panelling of our Spigotec division were finalists in the 'Flooring and façades' category, thanks to their quality and design, which provide a perfect combination of aesthetic and technical quality for acoustic conditioning in architectural or decorative projects. Here you can see photos of some of our projects.

Furthermore, our acoustic panels that are hanged like paintings were also finalists, this time in the 'Miscellaneous building techniques and solutions' category. It is this case the highlight was the advantages of this innovative solution that allows you to carry out acoustic conditioning in a room without building work, making it easy to use and manage, and also allowing for maximum customization using silkscreen printing onsound-absorbent wood panels with the customer's images of choice. Here you can see photos of some of these very special acoustic panels.

This award fills us with pride and serves to support our continuous commitment to quality, excellence and innovation in materials and processes, and in the products and services we offer our customers.

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