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We usually have the opportunity of participating in top level architectural and interior decorating projects with our wood projects, both in Spain and in other parts of the world. It is an honour to have our wood slats, panelling and design ceilings chosen to bring the warmth and elegance of wood whilst at the same time offering a solution to improve the acoustic conditioning in each room.

Spigogroup wood projects and the book/exhibition ‘Architectures in La Rioja 2012-2015’ posterTo see our work become part of an architectural or decorative project, helping, if only a little bit, to make it greater, more important and more prominent, is always a source of pride. That is why we are so pleased to find some of our latest wood projects in the selection made by the La Rioja Official Architects Association (COAR) to showcase the most outstanding recent architectural projects in La Rioja. These are published in the book ‘Architectures in La Rioja 2012-2015’, a very interesting edition divided into 5 sections (homes, single-family homes, non-residential buildings, renovation and interior design) and ordered chronologically.

In addition, from 17 June to 3 July, COAR is organizing an exhibition with these 31 best works in new buildings, renovation and interior design. It can be visited free of charge in the La Rioja Official Architects Association Exhibition Hall. (Calle Barriocepo 40, ground floor)

You will be able to identify our work in the wood slats in the renovation project by Gaspar Aragón Osés carried out for the San Nicolás gastronomic and cultural club and the wood panelling in ‘Alvaro the Barber’ barbershop in Logroño and the Hotel Pura Vida in Valgañón.

We hope you like it.


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