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One of our most recent wood projects is the technical carpentry work carried out in one of the newest Logroño catering establishments.

The wood projects which we can carry out at a technical carpentry such as ours are innumerable. We have worked in construction and wood projects in new wineries, technology centres, universities, museums, corporate headquarters, schools, residences, and also in the new temples of Spanish and Riojan cuisine, ready to reach for the stars; bars, gastropubs and restaurants which are gradually populating the streets of our cities to the delight of locals and visitors alike.

This time the technical carpentry work was made for a new hospitality proposal which opened this year in the heart of the capital of La Rioja. This is Cu4tro, which recently opened its doors at the west end of the Plaza del Espolón. It is the fourth member of a family of iconic Logroño establishments, the other three being Cakao, Canela and Crema, all of which are located in the centre of Logroño.

We took care of the technical carpentry work of the project, and this includes the smooth, lacquered, sliding doors, the varnished, oak wood tables, the wood panelling made of solid oak planks on the walls and various pieces of furniture. All of this made to measure according to the requirements of the project management.


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