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Wood slat acoustic panels serve the dual function of serving as a decorative element and also provide greater acoustic comfort.

Acoustic absorption is defined as the ability of a material to decrease the amount of reflected sound energy in a space. When sound waves interact with a solid surface, they bounce off, producing echoes and reverberation. This can lead to poor sound quality and affect acoustics.

The basic performance of an acoustic panel is based on the sound absorption capacity of its materials. When, in addition, you add wood slats or laths, you add their sound diffusion capability. The combination of sound absorption and diffusion makes these panels a perfect solution for improving acoustics in a wide variety of environments.

Spigogroup has two types of wood slat acoustic panels:


  • Acoustic system: It is made up of superior acoustic panel with ovoid or circular holes and solid wood slats (square or rectangular section) positioned parallel to each other and perpendicular to this support. This is the ideal solution for acoustic conditioning and reverberation control.


  • PET System: consists of solid natural obeche wood slats arranged in parallel with an eco-friendly insulating panel with high thermal and acoustic performance, made of 80% recycled polyester fibres, 100% recyclable and with a low carbon footprint. The perfect choice when, in addition to acoustically conditioning, you also need insulation capability.


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