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The use of panels, strips and wood slats on ceilings and walls for ornamental and decorative purposes is nothing new. But in some cases, such as the example we bring to our blog today, it can reach the level of artwork.

We are speaking of the lobby of the Hotel Hotel, located in the Nishi Building in Canberra’s New Acton precinct and designed by March Studio architects. This exceptional work uses thousands of boards, slats and wood strips suspended from the ceiling to create a totally original and highly impressive immersive aesthetic proposal. The design of the Australian architecture studio provides an enveloping installation of wood boards and strips combined with wood slats on ceilings and walls to create a tunnel that directs visitors from the lobby of the building to the large solid wood staircase leading to the rooms. The suspended wood filters the outside light and produces curious effects when the pixelated shadows spread across the floor and bare walls.

We love this project, and we are not alone: the lobby of the Hotel Hotel by March Studio was given the World Interior of the Year 2015 award. The recognition took place in the World Festival of Architecture, one of the most important global events of contemporary architecture and design, which was held last year in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Photographs by John Gollings and Peter Bennets courtesy of March Studio

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