materiales fonoabsorbentes de madera wood sound-absorbent materials matériaux en bois insonorisants 01Finishing a project with wood sound-absorbent materials can make the difference in the final quality perception for your client and the end user of the space. In the design and construction of a new building or premises, and also in the reform or renovation of existing ones, the time comes to choose the final materials. Here, it is important to make the right decision.

Opting for sound-absorbent wood materials means opting for a natural, ecological, very elegant material that is also more fashionable than ever. But it also brings about a notable improvement in the acoustic comfort of the premises, an aspect that is increasingly appreciated by developers and users.

The most widespread is the use of wood acoustic panels, with a wide repertoire of natural wood finishes, colours and fantasies. They can be used on walls or in the installation of wood ceilings, accessible ceilings or different acoustic false ceiling formats. These wood acoustic tiles can even be used in acoustic picture format, which offers the right sound absorption for some acoustic conditioning projects without the need to undertake special works.

Another possibility is the new solid wood slatscladding and its acoustic models. This alternative offers interior cladding of wood slats placed in parallel on walls and ceilings, with a very attractive visual result and a sound absorbing capacity that will considerably improve the acoustics of the room.


materiales fonoabsorbentes de madera wood sound-absorbent materials matériaux en bois insonorisants 2


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