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FR doors or fire doors are, perhaps, the most commonly used technical doors in building.

In addition to the wood doors that everyone uses in the building trade, there are other so-called technical doorswhich have special features, such as acoustic doors or isophonic doors; and FR doors or fire doors in which we will showcase in our post this week and which allow us to minimize the risks of a fire and its spreading.

If you don't know why you should contemplate the use of wood fire doors or FR doors in your project here are three powerful reasons:


1.- Safety

It is the most important and common reason for using fire doors or FR doors. Fire doors and FR doorstake longer to burn and therefore lengthen the time needed by a fire to spread from one room to another. This helps evacuate the people inside the building and to control the fire and reduce damages.


2.- Legislation

The current regulations applicable to building in Spain determine the use and maintenance of the fire doors or FR doors. These are some of the most important standards to take into account:

- CTE/ DBSI: Technical Building Code

- RSCIEI: Safety Regulations on Fire Fighting in Industrial Premises

- Corrections-RD2267-2004-RSCIEI

- Directive 89/106/EEC: CE Marking of Building Products

- Maintaining Pedestrian Doors with fire protection functions


3.- Aesthetics

The fire doors or FR doors that are made of wood offer all the advantages of technical doors but with the aesthetic value of wood. In architecture and decoration, safety should not be at odds with beauty, and wood fire doors or FR doors, with their wide range of available finishes, offer the possibility of including this safety element in a way that is almost imperceptible or unidentifiable, practically becoming just another decorative element.


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