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Acoustic doors / soundproof doors are a key item when trying to control a room's insulation. In what kind of rooms are they commonly used?

In addition to wood acoustic panels used in wood walls and the acoustic ceilings found in many buildings in order to improve the acoustic conditioning, there is another element, namely acoustic doors / soundproof doors as elements involved in soundproofing spaces.

Some rooms in public buildings and workplaces are particularly sensitive to the consequences of reverberation (unintelligibility in conversations, annoying acoustics, etc.) and that is why acoustic conditioning work is carried out by installing acoustic panels or sound-absorbent wood panels to minimise or remove such consequences. In addition, elements such as acoustic doors / soundproof doors, manage to maintain and improve soundproofing.

These are some of the rooms in which one commonly finds acoustic doors / soundproof doors:


1. Acoustic doors / soundproof doors in Auditoriums: Conference centres, concert and opera halls, theatres, amphitheatres and conference rooms

2. Acoustic doors in Bars and Restaurants: dining rooms and private areas.

3. Acoustic doors / soundproof doors in Hotels: Meeting rooms, resting rooms, suites and vip rooms and common areas

4. Acoustic doors / soundproof doors in Schools and Universities: Classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, assembly halls and auditoriums.

5. Acoustic doors in Museums and Libraries: showrooms, reading rooms, conference rooms, archives and consulting rooms.

6. Acoustic doors / soundproof doors in offices: professional offices, doctor's practices, board rooms and work areas

7. Acoustic doors / soundproof doors in Hospitals, Courtrooms and other public service buildings: Waiting rooms, offices and public areas.

8. Acoustic doors / soundproof doors in Wineries and Corporate Buildings: Visiting rooms, waiting rooms, corporate museums, offices and meeting rooms


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