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The use of accessible ceilings offers the possibility of improving the acoustic conditioning of rooms and spaces with acoustic issues.

Accessible ceilings made of wood panels are commonly used in offices, shops or catering establishments for their installation speed and flexibility, the wide range of available finishes and because they are the best solution to hide plumbing, electricity, domotics, or air conditioning. Accessible ceilings manufactured with wood also offer an important added value in terms of fire safety when installing panels with fire-retardant properties (B-s2, d0), complying with the UNE-EN ISO 1350-1 standard.

But accessible ceilings which are made of wood are also one of the top choices when undertaking the acoustic conditioning of a room. In fact, ceilings are one of the main elements when it comes to controlling annoying acoustic effects like reverberation. Reverberation is the permanence of sound beyond the time required to properly hear and understand a message. This unpleasant effect occurs often in spacious rooms, like dining rooms, auditoriums, multi-purpose rooms, offices and meeting rooms. The installation of accessible ceilings with acoustic panels made of sound-absorbent wood allows you to control this effect and ensure perfect acoustics.

In addition, accessible ceilings make it possible to place and remove panels quickly and easily wherever work needs to be carried out on the ceiling. This feature of accessible ceilings is a great help when access is required to a specific point in an installation for replacement or repairs. It also offers advantages in the acoustic conditioning of a room. It makes it possible to easily replace acoustic panels with others having different levels of acoustic absorption when undertaking renovations in order to adapt the space to a different use.


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