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The acoustic conditioning of a bar - restaurant aims to provide customers with a welcoming and comfortable environment.

When undertaking the construction or reform of a bar or restaurant one has to take into account different aspects that will make the establishment a welcoming place for those who visit it. Acoustic conditioning is one of them.

When building and decorating a bar & restaurant, one carefully chooses the furniture and its location, designs attractive lighting that combines, if possible, natural light and artificial light, and studies in detail the movements and behaviour of customers in the interior of the establishment. These actions that aim to ensure a pleasant and unique experience include acoustic conditioning in order to provide the best possible acoustic experience.

The acoustic conditioning of a room allows for controlled reverberation time, thereby reducing the time that sound remains after it has been emitted. With acoustic conditioning, we avoid that particularly annoying sound permanence which occurs when sounds from different sources come together. This is what can happen in a bar or restaurant where there are different conversations at the same time, mixing with piped-in music, the television, the sound of refrigerators, cash registers, other materials and sounds coming in from the exterior (traffic, pedestrian bustle, etc...).

In a bar & restaurant the acoustic conditioning requires a prior study followed by the installation, of acoustic panels made of soundabsorbent wood both in the wood panelling of the walls and in the acoustic ceilings (in some cases consisting of a false ceiling). In other cases the acoustic conditioning can also be carried out by the strategic placement of pictures made with acoustic panels.


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