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The acoustic conditioning of rooms and buildings, and architectural acoustics in general are the subject of hundreds of books and articles.

We manufacture sound-absorbent wood acoustic panels used for the acoustic conditioning of premises. We know first-hand the benefits of a good acoustic conditioning because we have been able to see the before and after of many cases in which bad acoustics made rooms truly uncomfortable places to be in.

That is why we are interested in architectural acoustics and often search the internet for readings related to this topic. Following are some books, articles and a list of readings on architectural acoustics and acoustic conditioning that may be of interest:


1. Book: ‘Architectural Acoustics’ by Jorge Salinas

2. Catalogue of books on acoustics, acoustic conditioning and related topics, published by Argentine authors

3. Article: ‘Towards acoustic architecture’ by Benoit Beckers and Rafael Serra Florensa

4. List of books on acoustics acoustic conditioning at by David Casadevall

5. Virtual library on acoustics and acoustic conditioning at the Faculty of Exact Sciences, Engineering and Surveying at the University of Rosario, Argentina

6. Book: ‘White paper on the effects of ambient noise on society and its perception by the public"

7. Book: "Handbook of Acoustics, Noise and Vibration" by Pedro Flores Pereita. Offered by the Gipuzkoa Interior Designers Association

8. Resources of the Spanish Acoustical Society

- Online library of the Spanish Acoustical Society

- Catalogue of publications of the Spanish Acoustical Society

- Catalogue of other books on acoustics recommended by the Spanish Acoustical Society


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