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It is true that we can discover a massive use of phenolic panel and phenolic boards in building and decoration projects for kindergartens, schools, institutes, academies, universities and other schools. Why is phenolic panel used so extensively in these facilities? What does phenolic panel have to offer? In what sorts of instances are phenolic boards normally used?

Educational facilities are used by many people every day, many of whom are children or young people who sometimes abuse of such facilities. Phenolic panel offers a hardness and a particular resistance that makes it the ideal material for this type of buildings. In addition, if required, phenolic boards offer the level of fireproofing required by these building projects.

Schools have a large number of toilets and, in many cases, areas used for sports: sports centres, swimming pools, gyms, etc. Again, in these conditions, phenolic panel is the ideal choice for the preparing these facilities for their special protection against moisture. You can find phenolic boards in dressing rooms, cabins, toilets and in made-to-measure furniture, such as lockers, benches and countertops, where phenolic panel is also used.

One should also not forget that, increasingly, phenolic panel is also used for exterior cladding of façades thanks to its excellent resistance to the elements and excellent colour stability.

Here you can see some of the projects carried out with phenolic panel by Carpintería Paco, a division ofSpigogroup which takes care of facilities and made-to-measure furniture, made with phenolic panel.


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