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What types of phenolic booths does Spigocompac offer and what are their features?

Phenolic booths are some of the most popular products of Spigocompac, a division of Spigogroup which manufactures and installs phenolic booths, phenolic lockers and furniture manufactured with phenolic panel.

The benefits of using phenolic booths in toilets and changing rooms is indisputable (see “10 advantages of phenolic booths and phenolic lockers” ) but are there phenolic booths for every need? What models of phenolic booths are there?

The answer is ´yes´. Spigocompac offers different models of phenolic booths which are standardized according to dimensions, needs and common uses. However, should a project require special dimensions, Spigocompac can design and manufacture custom phenolic booths with a maximum height of 2 m.

Available models of Spigocompac phenolic booths:


- Phenolic Booths Single (only one space)

- Phenolic Booths Special with adapted door (single space)

- or Double

- or Triple

- or Triple with sliding door in the third space.


Spigocompac phenolic booths are made with 12 mm compact phenolic panel and have the following characteristics or elements depending on the model: knob, wall tube support, board tube support, U profile, booth tube, locking handle with release, floor board support, hinge with/without spring, sliding door hinge, connector and mounting system with AISI 304 stainless steel fittings.

For more information about phenolic booths, phenolic lockers, phenolic benches and coat racks and phenolic countertops and separators, please visit


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