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Spigogroup is a company which specialises in manufacturing wood-based acoustic engineering materials and in developing technical solutions in wood for the acoustic conditioning of spaces. Backed by more than 30 years’ experience and 500 projects worldwide, Spigogroup is the ideal complement for the work carried out acoustic engineering studios and consultants.

Acoustic engineering studios measure noise, carry out acoustic tests and audits producing acoustic reports, soundproofing and acoustic conditioning projects and, in general, provide all the services required to assess and assure the best acoustics in an architectural project. After that, however, solutions need to be implemented with acoustic engineering materials that ensure the best results and, in addition, offer the aesthetic level required by the project. Here is where the range of Spigogroup acoustic engineering materials stands out for its exceptional acoustic performance and the widely-recognised superb quality of its finishes in any of its product families:


  • Spigotec wood acoustic ceilings and inner linings, perfect for large spaces like public halls, offices, theatres, auditoriums, hospitals, etc.; and there are more than 40 different models to choose from!
  • Spigoacustic acoustic panels, manufactured with sound-absorbent wood, with close to 30 models and dozens of different finishes available in each model.
  • Spigodoor Sound series Acoustic doors, available with soundproofing ranging from 32 dB to 42 dB; also available in multiple finishes.
  • Spigoart acoustic pictures and acoustic islands, for less intrusive actions, also available custom screen-printed.


If required, Spigogroup can also modify and adapt any of these products to the specific acoustic requirements of each project.



SPIGOTEC Falso Techo de Madera Wood false ceilingsspigoacustic paneles acústicos Acoustic panels

spigodoor Portes techniques Technical doorsspigoart Cuadros Acústicos Acoustic pictures tableaux acoustiques








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