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The furniture installed in public areas in sports buildings such as pools, gyms, spas and resorts, ball courts and sport pavilions, are used every day for many hours by many people, and also under very special conditions of humidity.

These circumstances are the "natural habitat" of phenolic boards and pieces of furniture manufactured with phenolic panel —where stability, hardness, resistance to daily use and scratches, and special protection against moisture are most needed. In fact, sometimes the project even requires the special fire-resistant properties of phenolic boards. Another advantage of working with phenolic panel is its ability to adapt to any available space. That is why it is a key element in the manufacture of made-to-measure furniture for this type of buildings.

So, let's review the "photograph" of a sports building, as we enter it to make use of its facilities.

The first thing we do when we enter it is go to the changing room. We cross a special door made with phenolic panel and, once inside, we discover that there are phenolic boards and made-to-measure furniture made with phenolic panel all over the room. To change, we will sit on a bench made with phenolic panel, and we will put our street clothes and other objects in a locker also made of phenolic panel.

When we finish, we return to the changing room. We will have a shower in a special cabin made of phenolic panel, and then comb our hair in front of a basing inserted in a counter that is also made of phenolic panel.

Here you can see some of the projects carried out with phenolic panel by Carpintería Paco, a division of Spigogroup which takes care of facilities and made-to-measure furniture, made with phenolic panel.


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