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04 puertas para colegios doors for schools portes pour écolesDoors for schools. Do schools really have special doors?

Yes, schools, universities, secondary schools and nursery schools often use special doors and so do offices or public buildings that receive a large number of visitors or users on a daily basis.

To begin with, current safety laws require that fire doors be used at certain points. That is why many of the doors for schools that are installed are fire doors or FR doors, specially designed to delay the spread of flames in the event of a fire.

On the other hand, doors for schools are used in some rooms to improve acoustics. There are classrooms, gyms and other spaces with dimensions and materials that have a high level of reverberation or a very annoying echo. It is normal in these cases is to undertake some sort of acoustic conditioning, such as installing sound-absorbent wood acoustic doors which help control room reverberation.

In school classrooms for smaller children, nursery schools, crèches, toy libraries, etc. have special doors with anti-pinch systems are also used: from the ground up to an approximate height of 110 cm, they have anti-finger trapping rubber strips on each side; the latch side and the hinge side. The anti-trapping system replaces the part of the doors where fingers get caught with rubber profiles which become deformed when a hand is trapped, thereby avoiding the pressure from the world.

Finally, doors for schools usually have particularly resistant finishes such as HPL laminates with the possibility of choosing from a wide range of colours.



05 puertas para colegios doors for schools portes pour écoles03 puertas para colegios doors for schools portes pour écoles



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