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This the technical carpentry woodwork and wood slats prepared by Spigogroup for the University College of Bergen, Norway.

Some of the wood projects on which we work daily end up offering stunning visual results. A clear example of this are the technical carpentry woodwork and wood slats we supplied the University College of Bergen in Norway over several years from 2012.

In total we delivered on time close to 4,000 m² of top quality wood slats and acoustic panels for the University's department rooms, classrooms, receptions, cafeteria, auditorium and diversity gymnasium. All the material was manufactured in Spain and installed by a Norwegian assembly company.

The project pictures show the special acoustic inner linings made with trapezoidal solid varnished oak wood slats shown on a pine wood frame used in the cafeteria, reception, gym, stairs, hallways and other common areas. The pictures also show the special cladding with Spigotec brand perforated acoustic panels and other details of the technical carpentry woodwork.

In addition to the wood slats and acoustic panels, the work commissioned included other technical carpentry work, like the chests of drawers of varnished oak wood effect, niches for wardrobes, MDB cupboard doors, varnished oak tables and benches, and other elements


Pictures of wood slats, technical carpentry work and acoustic panels at the University College of Bergen:


- Stairways and common areas: Photo 1 - Photo 2

- Auditorium: Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3

- Gymnasium: Photo 1 - Photo 2

- Reception: Photo 1 - Photo 2

- Cafeteria: Photo 1


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