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We find phenolic booths and phenolic lockers in most toilets and changing rooms in public buildings, sports centres and schools.

Why? What advantages do phenolic booths and phenolic lockers have compared to those made with other types of materials?

Below is a list of 10 advantages offered by phenolic booths and phenolic lockers of the Spigocompac range that turns them into their first choice when it comes to furnishing toilets and changing rooms:


1. Phenolic booths / phenolic lockers are water-repellent and, therefore, ideal for toilets and changing rooms in swimming pools, gyms, spas and any other sports facility.

2. Phenolic booths / phenolic lockers offer high mechanical rigidity which confer upon them very high durability and hardness.

3. Installing phenolic booths / phenolic lockers does not require any brickwork

4. and are manufactured with stainless steel fixtures.

5. They have legs of adjustable height so phenolic booths / phenolic lockers conveniently adapt to irregular floors.

6. Phenolic booths / phenolic lockers adapt easily to the dimensions of a room, as they are modular, easy to modify, reduce, complete or enlarge as necessary.

7. and are self-supporting.

8. The material used to manufacture phenolic booths / phenolic lockers is corrosion-resistant, rot-proof and very resistant to bending, impact, scratching and chemicals

9. Phenolic booths / phenolic lockers are constructed with non-porous materials that are easy to clean and disinfect, and not susceptible to parasites.

10. Phenolic booths / phenolic lockers come in an extensive range of finishes and colours.


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