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When you enter a building and discover the warmth, tranquillity and the aesthetic pleasure produced by the contemplation of good wood inner linings you understand because the architect and the decorator of the room where you are chose such a warm material as wood for the most visible face of their project.

When you enter a building and you stop before the inner linings on ceilings and wood walls and listen carefully, you discover perfect acoustics, and you understand why they use acoustic panels which correct the reverberation which you find in some rooms, and offer you an optimal hearing of conversations and sounds.

If this is what you want for your project, here are 10 good examples of wood inner liningswith which we get the aesthetic and acoustic results that our customers were looking for:


1. Vertical inner linings and acoustic panels in the Auditorium of the Bank of Togo

2. Acoustic panels and acoustic wood ceilings in the audiovisual room of Bodegas Dinastía Vivanco

3. Inner linings in the acoustic wood walls of Archidona Town Hall

4. Inner linings in lacquered Ferrari red and wood ceilings at Bodegas Darien S. XXI

5. Inner linings in the Ansoain health centre

6. Wood ceilings and wood walls in the Footwear Technology Centre

7. Inner linings, ceilings and wood walls in the Würth Museum

8. Wood ceilings, wood walls and inner linings in the Ezcaray Theatre

9. Inner linings on wood ceilings and walls at the La Rioja Building Labour Foundation

10. Inner linings in the entrance and offices of Laboratorios Cinfa


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