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Wood ceilings, accessible ceilings and removable ceilings , acoustic ceilings and design ceilings have occupied hundreds of lines in this blog in 2014.

They are the perfect combination of beauty and versatility. They are beautiful and useful at the same time, and give much to talk about. In this year 2014 we have written more than 50 posts about our work as technical carpentry specializing in acoustic panels and wood panelling. We have written about projects of acoustic conditioning of premises, inner linings and wood slats which have drawn our attention to the most spectacular wood projects worldwide, have discussed the benefits of the use of sound-absorbent wood panels in the wood walls and wood ceilings of buildings of all kinds, and we have also written about technical doors, acoustic doors and FR doors, and phenolic booths and phenolic lockers.

But, without a doubt, one of our star themes were wood ceilings and their possibilities as acoustic ceilings,removable ceilings, accessible ceilings or design ceilings. In total we have written 16 posts on this subject in the past year. Here they are:


1. The wood ceilings in the history of humanity

2. 34 Models of wood ceilings, false ceiling and wood panelling

3. Watch out! All accessible ceilings are removable, but not all removable ceilings are accesible

4. Wood ceilings and wood walls in churches, chapels and other temples

5. Accessible ceilings made of wood and 6 reasons why they are used so frequently

6. The new ceilings of the world, will they be wood ceilings? The arrival of wood skyscrapers

7. Using wood design acoustic ceilings in unique buildings

8. Wood ceilings - ¿removable ceilings, accessible ceilings or fixed ceilings?

9. Wood acoustic ceilings and acoustic panels: How does sound absorption work?

10. Wood acoustic ceilings and acoustic panels: Definition of noise and its intensities

11. Types of wood for acoustic wood ceilings and inner linings

12. Why use wood ceilings in auditoriums and theatres?

13. Wood panelling and wood ceilings in the pavilions at Expo Milan 2015 - part I

14. Wood panelling and wood ceilings in the pavilions at Expo Milan 2015 - part II

15. Removable ceilings and accessible ceilings for offices

16. Installation of accessible ceilings, acoustic ceilings or false ceiling


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