We continue with the list which we started in our last post on 20 examples of wood projects you can order from Spigogroup through any of its five specialised divisions:


  1. Design and manufacture of modular decorative solid wood shelves with a large storage capacity and weight resistance for both homes and offices. (see )
  2. Wood ceilings, wood panelling on walls, acoustic conditioning, made-to-measure furniture manufactured with phenolic panel, technical doors and, in general, complete technical carpentry projects for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, universities and other educational institutions. (see )
  3. Manufacture and installation of interior and exterior wood panelling with solid wood slats on ceilings or walls (see )
  4. Acoustic conditioning of offices, boardrooms, bars, restaurants and other spaces with acoustic panels that are hung like pictures. (see )
  5. Manufacture and installation of design ceilings for institutional buildings and corporate headquarters (see )
  6. Installation of façades employing phenolic boards. (see )
  7. Acoustic conditioning of recording studios with acoustic panels made with sound-absorbent wood . (see )
  8. Flooring and decking, stairs and special technical carpentry works. (see )
  9. Made-to-measure furniture, and linings and wood ceilings, for visiting areas, museums and hospitality areas in wineries and corporate buildings. (see )
  10. Acoustic conditioning and installation of wood panelling, false ceiling and wood ceilings in stores and shopping centres. (see )
  11. Design and manufacture of benches, confessionals and made-to-measure furniture for churches and religious centres. (see )
  12. Manufacture and supply of acoustic panels and acoustic material with different absorption capacities. (see )


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