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Wood is present in countless architectural and decorative actions, and there are many ways to use material as valuable as this one, not only for his contribution to the aesthetics of a building, but also for the added value (flexibility, toughness, warmth,...) that it offers.

In our last post, we offered a summary of our articles on the acoustic conditioning and the solutions that are commonly used (acoustic panels, acoustic ceilings...). Today want to bring you a little closer to the 22 posts that we devoted to wood technical doors, fitted wardrobes and made-to-measure furniture, phenolic panel applications, wood slats, and other applications and formats of wood which turn a technical carpentry into an essential partner of all good architect and decorator.


1. 5 Criteria for choosing technical wood doors in a building

2. Behaviour of wood ceilings and wood panelling when exposed to fire

3. 3 Good reasons to use wood panelling in enclosed public spaces

4. 5 Advantages of fitted wardrobes, the kings of made-to-measure furniture

5. Wood ceilings, or ceilings with wood panelling for brick and concrete buildings

6. What is the phenolic panel? What are phenolic boards used fort?

7. Made-to-measure furniture made with phenolic panels or phenolic boards

8. Wood projects -12 Wood ceilings by Spigogroup

9. Isophonic technical doors and fire-resistant technical doors. What are they? What are they for?

10. Wood projects -Equipment for sports buildings made with phenolic panel

11. Wood ceilings, or ceilings with wood panelling for public and community service buildings

12. The use of wood slats in inner linings and wood ceilings

13. Fitted wardrobes, shelves and made-to-measure furniture for offices and workplaces

14. Wood doors: 3 good reasons to choose wood doors when decorating your home or office

15. Wood interiors: wood ceilings, wood panelling, wood walls... where to use it?

16. Wood walls and inner linings made of wood for homes, offices and public buildings

17. A wood false ceiling, why use it? What advantages does it offer?

18. Wood projects - Wood and architecture in London: façades with wood slats, design ceilings, exterior wood panelling,wood panels, and much more

19. Fitted wardrobes, made-to-measure furniture and shelves to improve the storage capacity of your home

20. The use of phenolic panel, and phenolic boards in educational facilities

21. Wood projects - Wood and architecture in Paris: wood panels, inner linings, wood slats, and more

22. Wood projects - Wood and architecture in Mexico City: a proper use of the wood slats on façades and wood in inner linings

23. Wood projects - Bois et architecture à Shanghai : cloisons bois et plafonds bois pour une ville qui veut être en verre

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